Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Christmas 2010

A Merry California Christmas to us!

Frances and the Tower of Lights from Germany.

Grampa David celebrated his 74th birthday on Christmas Eve.
(Here with Nola (15) Frances (4) and Margo (12). )

Cathy cooked up a storm and fed us well.

Bronwyn took over the Christmas turkey ...

and Douglas made a special German stuffing.
Toasting good times and good food!
( Jennifer, Tom, Douglas and Cathy)

Frances created a special Christmas tree for our RV.

Nola, Margo and Frances helped Santa wrap the presents.

David and his girls arrived late Christmas Eve. 
Nola and Rachel were happy to see each other.

Caellagh recruited Margo and Rachel to help cook our Christmas morning breakfast.

Nola and Maureen hang out.

Maureen and Frances shared their new toys...

and a hot bath at the end of the day.

Jennifer and Douglas.

Cathy and Tom.

Bronwyn and David.

Jennifer and her baby boy bump.

David, checking out Douglas' I-pad.
He has it on his Santa's list for next year.

Frances, playing with the 20 cent parachute man she got in her stocking!

Margo in her cosy flannel 'jamis.... it did feel like an extended PJ party.

Rachel knits mittens, so Caellagh asked for one and got it....ONE !

Maureen and her Daddy.

Bronwyn and Frances do a double downward-facing-dog.

Tom and Peanut catch some zzzzzzz's.

"The Cousins Production Company" gave us a show.

Noni and her wonderful granddaughters at the end of a great celebration.

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